May 2022: SMT disconnect

Thank you again…

…for your visit at SMTconnect 2022 – if you were one of the few who found their way to Nuremberg in this early summer week in May. We really, really appreciated every single visitor.

As you can read a little bit further down on this page, we were not overly enthusiastic about Productronica 2021 already, although the high quality of the few customers compensated us to some extent. The same can certainly not be said of SMTconnect now. In one sentence, this week was a total waste of lifetime.

Everywhere it was clearly noticeable that practically everyone involved (exhibitors, stand builders, trade fair company, even the visitors) had forgotten a great deal of their routine in the two years of absence.  Rarely has a trade show been so disorganized all around as this one. It started with the unspeakable construction and dismantling passes, which were quite difficult to obtain and then were not even checked. It did not end with the chaos that broke out when visitors wanted to use their free passes to visit one of the partner trade fairs (or even to return to their own event afterwards).

The mostly empty aisles then rounded out the picture to such an extent that even we (as hard core trade show aficionados from day one) decided to serve the next SMTconnect (should it take place) with a significantly smaller team and booth.

As the now exploding business travel traffic shows, we all have obviously learned less in the last two years than what would be good for our planet. Many obviously still see a business trip as an incentive the prestige of which cannot be matched by a plain video conference. As far as attendance fairs are concerned, however, the pandemic could perhaps have been the last nail in the coffin of a dying breed that has really been driven into obsolescence by the Internet.

I wouldn’t cry too hard about it.

November 2021: Showdown at the show

Thank you very much for your visit…

…at what was most likely last on site trade fair of this year, the Productronica 2021! We hope that everyone has returned safe and sound by now.

Yes, it was a heck of a ride – and it was (see below) really anything but boring. However, the actual trade fair events only had a fairly manageable share in this and the political chaos surrounding the further escalation of the pandemic in Germany had a dominant one. That may explain why in the beginning the organizer, Messe München, looked quite helpless implementing the safety measures decided and demanded by themselves without causing even more chaos and unhealthy situations.

Apart from that, the enormous hurdles that were put in the way of potential visitors (“i.e. proof of vaccination or recovery for international customers”) were very beneficial to the quality of the audience. No one faced this stress unless they were traveling with a serious plan.

And so it happens that we are surprisingly satisfied with the result of the fair and would again like to take this opportunity to thank our visitors who defied all adversities for the chance of a good talk (and an apple).

October 2021: Winter Is Coming...