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We produce for the aerospace industry.

That’s you: an industry with a very strict safety philosophy.

In the aerospace sector, it is all about the very special protection of people and material. Redundancy and documentation. Electronics therefore play an absolutely dominant role. Risk minimization always comes first.

That’s us: a partner with the right approach.

Precision and reliability must be a matter of course in this area. With our additional testing and inspection modules as well as traceability and documentation functions, you can further drastically reduce the remaining risks.

Microchip assembly in your industry.
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We produce for the sensor industry.

That’s you: an industry with highly sensitive electronics.

When it comes to the smallest areas of space, time and motion, then absolutely precise electronics are of utmost importance. Here, you have to be able to count on very well-made components.

That’s us: a partner with the right solution.

With our most precise pick & place machines we are your partner. With our extensive measurement options, we ensure a consistently high quality of your products. What you manufacture using our systems meets your high requirements.

Microchip assembly in your industry.
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We produce for the optoelectronics industry.

That’s you: a company with high standards.

You manufacture optoelectronic products, for which you have to assemble particularly precise and robust parts in small or medium quantities.

That’s us: a partner you can count on.

The powerful AMADYNE assembly systems are perfectly suited to the specific requirements of your industry. We have extensive experience in the precise and gentle handling of small and sensitive components (such as GaAs) – also in the direct handling of wafers including our high-performance wafer mapping.

Microchip assembly in your industry.
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We produce for the telecommunication industry.

That’s you: a company that knows what it wants.

You produce communication and network technology in the broader sense. For services such as radio broadcasting, mobile telephony, internet and dozens of others.

That’s us: a partner who stands by your side.

The magic words here are: size and frequency. The higher the frequencies, the smaller the components, the greater the requirements on precision. We take these requirements into account with our powerful image processing and wide range of assembly options. Because we have specialized with this end in mind.

Microchip assembly in your industry.
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We produce for the medical technology industry.

That’s you: an industry with the highest technical standards.

In medical technology, absolute precision and complete traceability are essential. For this reason, the demands on the electronics as well as on the process documentation in the respective areas of application are extremely high.

That’s us: a partner with the correct answer.

Difficult challenges are second nature to us. Being able to meet constantly changing challenges is based on AMADYNE’s know-how. Our extensive traceability options and our permanent willingness to break new technical ground together with our customer, even beyond our core competencies, are what set us apart.

Microchip assembly in your industry.
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Not included? We also work for you!

Continuous expansion of our competencies.

We are constantly expanding our competencies and broadening our industry base. In this context, we benefit from the circumstance, that we have very short development times and can react quickly.

Further industries.

When interested parties from new industries approach us, we are instantly ready to learn new things together with the customer. Standards are no problem anyway. Individual solutions are ready in no time. We are also known for this.

Microchip assembly in various industry segments.
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