Our Products-Featurepack.

The AMADYNE Product Features.

This is where we can show off.


Plain pick & place applications are nice – but also a bit boring.It’s complex, intricate assembly applications, where we’re getting up to full speed. In this technical field, where many special jobs must be carried out with great accuracy and high versatility at the same time. Such jobs are the right ones for the AMADYNE systems: they are ultra flexible, still robust and dependable. And their software control is tailor made for all kinds of exotic tasks while it’s still very easy to operate.


In the course of several years (even decades now) we have already learnt so much from and together with our customers. So today, even feature requests which leave most of our competitors shaking heads and scratching beards, can often be satisfied off the shelf  by some existing special feature. In many cases, a small modification to an existing customization is all it takes to solve a big problem. And in the rare case, even our ever growing shelf of problem solvers holds no turn-key solution: Welcome to AMADYNE – that’s why we’re here.

The best feature we can offer you...

…is the feature we don’t have yet.

Development for you and with you.


When the Zeitgeist nowadays demands agility, flexibility, dynamic processes and whatnot, we call bullshit. Not on agility, flexibility, dynamic processes, mind you. We call it on brainlessly following whatever buzzword sounds fashionable as of today, half past 12. So we do our best to avoid the usual toxic form of agility which ever so often ends up in enormous amounts of overtime, missed deadlines and exploding costs, along with losers on both sides.


For more than 20 years now, we have been building machines, every single one of which has been thoroughly and specifically crafted to cater to all of the customer’s requirements. This is where our core competences are, this is our home base. Our hard- and software are designed from scratch to shoulder even complex and demanding special requirements without falling apart on the way (or, even better, at the customer site).

That’s the reason why we’re usually able to help customers even if they had already been turned down by many of our competitors. We have the know-how, we have the man power, we have the knowledge and the processes to successfully handle custom development in record time. And we still keep learning from every single new project.

Since honesty is a main part of our philosophy, we’d like to add and admit: We also have the know-how and the processes to deal with the inevitable labor pains of such an endeavor – along with the tools to keep this phase as short as possible.

So Much AMADYNE. So Much Benefit for You.