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It comes across as small but nice. The emu. It can do everything its bigger sisters can – just slower – and is a proud all-rounder despite its size and compactness. Perfect for small series, prototyping and inspection up to 250 cph.


Our mid-range solution. Compact. More precise. Surprisingly fast. The catAP. A perfect little automation system. Due to short set-up times, perfect for smaller series with frequent product changeover at up to 700 cph.


Our high-end solution. The fab1. Even faster. Even more precise. With more interior space and inline-capable. The flexible and heavy-duty automation solution. Perfect for demanding processes and complex MCMs in series production up to 1100 cph.

The emu. For prototypes, inspection and small series.

The emu is doing a great job.

Regardless of whether you want to use the emu for the production of high-quality single pieces, prototype series, as a production machine for smaller series, for process testing in addition to the line or for inspection tasks. The emu will provide you with excellent service at all times.

A small power machine.

  • As entry or next to the production line
  • Compact and versatile
  • Economical with space and energy
  • Working area 300×350 mm
  • Axis resolution <1 µm
  • Process accuracy up to 25 µm/3σ
  • Up to 250 cph
emu. Outstanding Performance.
emu. Precise. Perfect. Productive.

For series production on a small footprint.

The catAP is definitely the right solution.

If you want to manufacture a wide variety of high-quality products in medium quantities, the catAP is right for you. It is perfectly positioned with high precision, wide-ranging options and short set-up times.

A resilient little working machine.

  • For high-quality small batches with high product turnover
  • Compact, accurate and flexible
  • Economical with space and energy
  • Working area 300×400 mm
  • Axis resolution <0.2 µm Auflösung
  • Process accuracy up to 15 µm/3σ
  • Up to 700 cph
catAP. Excellent Performance.
Tested. Proven. Elegant.

For fast series production with power.

The fab1 is the star in our company.

Slim, elegant, small footprint, large useable space. High-precision, resilient, flexible, spacious, and yet compact. Likewise in the line. Well-designed technology, user-friendly operation, a huge number of production alternatives.

You will love it.

  • For challenging processes and complex products
  • Compact, highly accurate, highly adaptable
  • Efficient with space and energy
  • Local clean room with HEPA filter
  • Charge-free interior due to ioniser
  • Inline compatible
  • Working area 500×430 mm
  • Optional second working area with 490×250 mm
  • Axis resolution <0.1 µm
  • Process accuracy up to 10 µm/3σ
  • Up to 1100 cph
fab1. Very Convincing.
Fabulous. Progressive. Manifold.

Well-engineered products. High-precision automation.