Special Developments.

We also accompany you on rocky roads.

Our conviction and philosophy.


We are happy to make our know-how available to you for cases in which you come to us with a special request. These cases are by no means rare, because customers who work at the very front or far on the edge of the technological mainstream, are usually not happy with mainstream equipment. Those who make very special products, often also have very special needs and wishes. Not every provider can cater to every wish, or is even willing to do so at all, because that is usually anything but easy. However, we have a different point of view.


In principle, we are prepared to take a closer look at the special and, we not only think in theoretical terms but also in practical terms about how to realize this. This requires willingness and commitment on both sides, mind you. Because only together with the customer – as a stakeholder of his needs – are we able to take these into account in the best possible way. At the end of the project, there are virtually always two winners. A customer with a solution perfectly tailored to his needs and AMADYNE with a satisfied customer and another piece in the big puzzle, that we call our know-how. And quite often, the customer also learns in this process to understand his own need even better. In best bullshit language (and nevertheless true): “A give and take with an integrated win-win situation, which does not end inside the box”.

Special requests welcome.
Together we create something new.