fab1. Designed to take on demanding tasks.

Outstanding this fab1.

This is the opinion of our customers, they have a point.


The fab1 is currently the top of the line in the AMADYNE portfolio. It truly can be used to run all our options. Whatever special design AMADYNE has ever developed – it can be used in the fab1. This makes it definitely the most versatile.


Needless to say, there are much faster machines, probably even more precise machines and perhaps even more flexible ones. But in the unique combination of high precision, impressive speed and almost unlimited flexibility, the fab1 already takes on a special role. This much combined performance in one machine is unheard of otherwise.


The fab1 combines a very large working area on two levels with a small footprint and high precision with impressive speed. In addition, the fab1 is the only machine in our portfolio that can also be operated as an integrated part of a production line or with magazine lifts to significantly expand the automatic working options once again. Automatic substrate, wafer and tray change – this is only possible on the fab1.


Simply Fabulous.

The fab1-Work Surface.

fab1’s working surface is a very precisely acting production site en miniature. It’s on this site where a great deal of production jobs can be carried out. The user is being given a wide span of flexibilities. Even lager volume can be produced. Moreover, users have got the option to halt production jobs and start others without giving up the initial one. Each production has its own parameters that can be stored and recalled at any time. There is no such thing as long setup-times with this machine. Customer satisfaction is excellent.

fab1. For swift and Powerful Volume Production.

Clear profile. And always a good decision.

Slim, elegant, small footprint, large usable space. High-precision, resilient, flexible. With its own local clean room. Also in line or on the lift system. Sophisticated technology, user-friendly operation, a vast number of production variants.

A resilient working machine.

  • For demanding processes and complex products
  • Compact, highly precise, highly flexible
  • Economical with space and energy
  • Local clean room with HEPA filter
  • Charge-free interior thanks to ionizer
  • Inline-capable
  • Working area 500×430 mm
  • Optional second level with 490×250 mm
  • Axes with <0.1 µm resolution
  • Process accuracy up to 10 µm/3σ
  • Up to 1100 cph
Convincing quality.
Fab1. Clear profile.

Fabulous Operation.

This is great Software Control. As Customer friendly as Possible.

To run fab1 and get an actual picture at any time of the process you must fall back on just one control unit. We call it One-Stop-Control Panel (all functions on the screen, no buttons, just use mouse, trackball and keyboard). Read more.

Fabulous Tools.

This is Where the System Picks its Tools.

The toolbox represents a core interface within fab1’s working process. Diverse jobs require diverse tools which are stored next to the production unit and are being picked up when required. This process is a very swift one and it is being controlled by the AMADYNE-designed software. Learn more.

This is One Way of Microchips Loading …

Microchips vom Tapefeeder.

The tapefeeder is an important standard feature that comes with fab1. Here microchips fixed onto a roller are being released and inserted into the production process. Read more

... and That's Another One.

Microchips from a Wafer.

Wafers are the most common units to hold microchips designed for further production (i.e. assembly). fab1 can handle both 8” and 12” sizes. Hence, more flexibility. Read more

Cutting out Microchips.

This is How to Cut Out Microchips.

A special design is needed to get chips from a wafer. Here the ejector unit is scheduled to do this. This unit is equipped with a very fine needle made to handle this complicated job which must be carried out in the micrometer range (to avoid damage). Learn more.

This is Where Adhesive Bonding is Done.

Adhesive Bonding.

Adhesive bonding jobs are run on this system very swiftly and very accurately. The flexible fab1 can use diverse adhesive material as it is required by the type of job. If there should be only little time for curing (e.g. immediate transport) fab1 offers a special solution (read more

Faster Curing When Needed.

You Can Speed Up the Adhesive Process.

The UV-Curing function enables customers to respond to special requirements such as immediate transport after production. As a matter of fact most adhesive materials need some time to cure but not always this time is given. Hence, UV curing is the answer to this kind of challenge: by fast curing damage is avoided should components have to be moved shortly after production.

fab1 Software Control.

fab1 is Your Ideal Production System. Anytime.

fab1 is Really Versatile. One System and so Many Great Functions.

Well Thought-Out and Also Well Realized.