emu. Made for Prototypes, Inspection and Small Series.

emu. Very Convincing. Say our Customers.

Outstanding Performance Data.

emu represents a kind of ‘beginner’s system’ within our portfolio. But it is a small Production machine as well – apart from those valuable functions like inspection and prototype production. You can produce up to 500 units an hour.   


It has got a low total cost of ownership coefficient (TCO) – like all other AMADYNE systems, thus occupying a premium place in its class.


emu was designed by our engineers as a supporting system for a range of typical jobs within various Industry Types. Hence, it has got a bunch of special functions. It is also designed to adapt to your individual requirements. Very convincing.

Klares Profil. Und immer eine gute Entscheidung.

For Small Series, Prototypes and for Inspection.

Compact and powerful.

The ideal solution for your requirements.

Reliable. Low cost. Flexible.

Convincing quality.
emu. A Clear Profile.

This is Full Automation on emu.

The emu’s work surface allows a series of very interesting possibilities. Here its flexibility is visible. Users can run many diverse automated jobs on this system.

Simply well designed.

This is Great Software Control. As Customer friendly as Possible.

To run emu and get an actual picture at any time of the process you must fall back on just one control unit. We call it one-stop-control panel (all functions on the screen, no buttons, just use mouse, trackball and keyboard).

Simply Good for Your Purposes.
Simply Good Pick & Place.

Simply Great.

This is Accurate Pick & Place on emu.

Parts are normally of very small size and need to be treated accordingly which is to say: with greatest care. For this purpose a set of tools is responsible which is controlled by our AMADYNE-designed software – absolutely user- friendly – which goes without saying.

Simply good Tools.

The Toolbox.

Here the tools for the various production jobs have been placed by our product designers. Whatever kind of task needs to be carried out it is either automatically or – if required manually controlled. The software knows when and where to move which instrument. Within seconds.

A Large Work Surface.

Speziell aus unserem Hause.

Eine Software, die passt und zu einhundert Prozent auf die AMADYNE-Systeme angepasst ist. Von unseren Entwicklern designed. Keine Standards. Nur Originale. Damit es bei Ihnen immer rund läuft.

Alles in allem: ein perfektes Operating.

emu Leaves No Requirement Unfulfilled ...