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Soon it will be 2022! Everything remains different!

Oh yes – the only constant is change. What this ancient slogan lacks in creativity, it makes up for in topicality. After we believed in the summer of 2021 that the tiresome topic of the pandemic would soon be history, the hopeful  spring breeze turned out to be a fluid-dynamic harbinger of the approaching fourth wave in fall.

But because our staff, which is now almost 100% vaccinated, is no longer seriously impressed by such minor inconveniences, we urgently needed a global supply chain crisis on top of all – just so that no one in the manufacturing industry could complain that business was going too easily at the moment.

Fortunately, we are a small company that has never been able to afford modern trends like “just in time”, nor have we ever wanted to. That’s why our warehouses are, well, not completely empty yet. We traditionally strive to provide the best service to our customers and usually don’t let adverse circumstances stop us. If the customer’s need is great enough, we do not hesitate to relieve one of our demo machines of the spare part that is currently not available otherwise.

In the midst of this – why not call it what it is – clusterfuck, we have decided to ride out the fourth wave in full and present ourselves at Productronica 2021. Anyone who was interested and has the courage to do so was welcome to visit us there – and surprisingly many did! If you want to know what we think of the whole ordeal, be our guest.

Never before in AMADYNE’s 20-year history have times been as interesting as they were in 2020/21, and so far we have managed everything with some dignity. We will continue to do so, even though we – like our customers – are certainly longing for a few exceptionally boring months.

Depending on external circumstances, we may not always be able to or allowed to make personal visits to your premises, but even then we still have plenty of opportunities to address your problems, questions and wishes. Let’s just talk about it. With pleasure also in a video conference.

If you need support, please contact us at any time via:

  • The Chat system on the machines or
  • An Email to sos@amadyne.net or
  • by phone via help desk number +49 7223 407 989 9

In any case we will get back to you instantly.

Information is Everything.