Customers Take Great Advantage of Our Special Know-how.

It’s Our Special Know-how Which is the Cutting Edge.

Better solutions and better cost-performance ratios for our customers.

Our ‘customer-first’ company philosophy has guided us along a strategic line of constant development activities. As we think in a client sense and from a client’s point of view we keep focusing on core rather than on nice-to-have features. The core features are those which determine a high-quality output.

The feature’s design and development, their creation, testing and growth towards market matureness has always been on our list. Our occupation with our clients’ business models and challenges of their markets has led us to a deep understanding of technological and economical contexts. As a result: having thus met (and meeting) our customers in a more professional way we came up (and continuously come up) with extra fine solutions.

Today, from a customer’s perspective, our know-how and expertise grown over many years represents a precious good as soon as this is put into practice. Once experienced as great value customers realize both excellent production and inspection advantages that go hand in hand with monetary advantages strongly resulting in much better cost-performance ratios.

In the technological arena we have come up with these fine solutions: Single Chip (SC), Chip-on-Board (COB), Flipchip (FC) and Multi-Chip Module (MCM). In the Image Processing sector (localizing part) we have created valuable functional features for the analysis such as Pattern and Fiducial Recognition, SMS, Circle Recognition and Surface Focus. In the qualifying part there are features like Inkdot Recognition, the Particle and the Chipping Inspection. In the Joining Technology we show high competence. So do we in the field of the integration of External Modules. As far as identification is concerned the OCR- Recognition and the 2D-Code-Function must be mentioned. Finally, we would not forget to say that in all these sectors we do great customizing jobs as well.

We’ve got a Very Simple Taste: Always the Very Best (for Our Clients).