Our special know-how. Benefit from it!

Our know-how clearly sets us apart. You benefit as a customer.

We use our technical knowledge that we have gained over many years for your benefit.


In accordance with our company philosophy of putting the user of our systems first (customer first), we have set ourselves the goal from the very beginning of developing the best solution for the task at hand, bringing the product to production maturity together with the customer and subsequently adding it to our know-how portfolio. Over the years, this has provided us with a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of customer requirements and processes that we can draw on.

We have recognized that especially by intelligently interlocking software and hardware, the respective customer needs of quality and economy can be best met. And because with us, mechanics, electronics and software come from a single source, this interaction can be orchestrated particularly effectively and efficiently. A number of interesting functions emerged from this creative symbiosis through which we can optimally display your application.


We are familiar with countless processes which include applications such as SCM over flip chip up to the most complex MCM. We are well-positioned when it comes to connection technology. When integrating external modules, we show a high degree of flexibility.

We have optimized the image processing for you leaving virtually nothing to be desired. For example, in the area of localizing image processing, we have created valuable functional possibilities for the identification of diverse structures (such as samples, fiducials, SMD, centroid of circles and areas). In the qualifying sector, the classic ink spot detection is extended by true performance heavyweights such as particle and chipping inspection. In the field of identification, the AI-based OCR and the 2D code function leave hardly any issue unresolved.

And yet no problem is as interesting as the next one. For this reason, we will continue to delight our customers with customized special developments in the future.

Our goal: Only the best for our customers.