catAP. Made for Mid-Size Volume Production on Small Footprint.

Outstanding this catAP.

This is what our customers have to say and our developers feel vindicated.


The catAP defines the mid-range in the AMADYNE portfolio. It can already be used to run the majority of our options. And with its higher precision and speed – compared to the emu – it is exactly the right solution for users who want to produce (also readily with frequent product changeover) medium series of high-quality and complex products up to 700 cph.


The catAP provides excellent value for money, with virtually all AMADYNE features and specifications – only on a smaller footprint and as a stand-alone system. Thanks to our seamless upgrade path, neither product know-how nor process experience gets lost, if the customer moves up within our machine family. This in turn, saves a significant amount of time and money.


The catAP was created by our developers with typically industry-specific product situations in mind and supports almost all relevant features with only minor trade-offs in terms of the size of the materials that can be processed. Since all our machines are so closely related, every employee of our company is an expert for all machines. This increases the effectiveness of our support enormously. Simply convincing.

For Your Special Usage. The Perfect Solution.

catAP. Made For Mid-Size Volume Production on Small Footprint.

If you want to manufacture a wide variety of high-quality products in medium quantities, then the catAP is for you. With high precision, a wide range of options and short set-up times, it is perfectly positioned.

A resilient working machine.

  • For high-quality small batches with high product changeover
  • Compact, precise and versatile
  • Economical with space and energy
  • Working area 300×400 mm
  • Axes with <0.2 µm resolution
  • Process accuracy up to 15 µm/3σ
  • Up to 700 cph
Always the right choice.
A clear profile. catAP.

This is Full Automation on catAP.

The catAP’s Work Surface allows a series of very interesting possibilities. Here its flexibility is visible. Users can run many diverse automated jobs on this system.


Ease of use. Outstandingly well coded.

This is Great Software Control. As Customer friendly as Possible.

To run catAP and get an actual picture at any time of the process you must fall back on just one control unit. We call it one-stop-control panel (all functions on the screen, no buttons, just use mouse, trackball and keyboard).

Ease of use.
Outstandingly well coded.

Simply Good Tools.

This is Where the System Picks its Tools.

The toolbox represents a core interface within catAP working process. Diverse jobs require diverse tools which are stored next to the production unit and are being picked up when required. This process is a very swift one and it is being controlled by the AMADYNE-designed software.

Great Software

Exclusively from our company.

Software that fits and is one hundred percent adapted to the AMADYNE systems. Designed by our developers. No standards. Only originals. So that everything always runs smoothly for you.

Immer alles im Blick.

Microchip Assembly. Consistently well thought out.

A Great Solution.

Well Thought-Out and Also Well Realized.